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Monday, October 8, 2012

Apple-Azing Race: “The Complete idiots guide to working out with a partner” by Aimee Labrecque Challenge

We are now going to move on from the ‘Animal Farm’ Challenge to “The Complete Idiots Guide to Working Out with a Partner” Challenge.


All photo’s on this blog post were taken by Michelle Cross Photography.  Michelle did a fantastic job shooting each event so I’ll be able ‘illustrate’ each challenge for you!  If you want to order any photo’s from the race follow these instructions:

  1. go to www.michellecrossphotography.blogspot.com
  2. Click ‘clients’
  3. Click ‘Apple-Azing Race Gallery’

Each challenge was named after a book to follow along with the fact that we were raising money for the Poynette Area Public Library. I’m going to blog about each challenge – the clue to find the challenge, the challenge itself and exactly what each team had to do at each challenge.


When teams finished up at Creek Bed Country Farmacy they were given their next clue:

The Complete idiots guide to working out with a partner” by Aimee Labrecque Challenge Clue

Tires, blueberry bushes and monkey bars – find your way to your next obstacle of a challenge.

Decide on 2 team members that will participate in this challenge.

This clue was given to them with a little apple key chain attached which hopefully made the teams realize the needed to come back to the apple orchard – specifically the playground area at the orchard.

Once they arrived back to the orchard, they headed to the tractor tire playground where they received their challenge:

The Complete idiots guide to working out with a partner” by Aimee Labrecque Challenge

***Penalties will be given out for mistakes made, obstacles missed, or incomplete tasks per the discretion of the challenge judge.

Two members of your team will complete the obstacle course. We will average the two times to give you your overall time for the event.

Apple-azing Race Photo's at Lapack's Orchard

1st – Make your way through EVERY upright tire in the tractor tire playground

Apple-azing Race Photo's at Lapack's Orchard

2nd – Go heel to toe the entire length of the balance beam – both directions

Apple-azing Race Photo's at Lapack's Orchard

3rd – Step in the middle of each tire along the path.

Apple-azing Race Photo's at Lapack's Orchard

4th – Time to monkey around – do the monkey bars without your feet touching the ground.

5th – Climb up the climbing wall on the jungle gym and down the yellow bars on the other side. (60 second penalty if you don’t do it)

Apple-azing Race Photo's at Lapack's Orchard

6th – run back to where you started the race balancing the wooden egg on a spoon.

Blow your whistle to indicate you are finished with your leg of the Obstacle Course. Partner repeats the tasks listed above. Your times will be averaged.

I’m going to share with you the top 10 teams through this challenge – times were determined with penalties included and then averaged between the two team members that participated. 

First: 2 Bad Apples

Second: Can U Dig It?

Third: Beauties and the Beasts

Fourth: The Apples

Fifth: Apple-Azing Pie and Ice Cream Team

Sixth: The Girls Next Door

Seventh:  Poodle Puppies

Eighth: Sassy Pants

Ninth: 2 Chicks & A Compass

Tenth:  Galloping Gimps


This was a ‘Subway Challenge’ so Team '2 Bad Apples’ needs to come in and claim their free 6” sub courtesy of our local Subway!


All photo’s on this blog post were taken by Michelle Cross Photography.


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