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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Lapacek Orchard Story

Many people have asked for the story of how our orchard came to be.

In the late 60’s Frank was in the Navy, and was stationed at the Bremerton Naval Base in Washington state. The family of one of his navy buddies had an apple orchard near Wenatchee and the two of them would often go over the mountains to the orchard to help pick apples on weekends. Frank really enjoyed this time and hoped that one day he would have the opportunity to have an orchard of his own.

Frank and Diane met in April of 1976 and were married in December of the same year. As part of a job transfer for Frank, they moved to the state of Washington. On the weekends Frank and Diane spent time at the local orchards and really enjoyed just driving and looking at the beauty that an orchard could provide. Frank told Diane of the times he used to spend picking apples and how he hoped that when they moved back to Wisconsin, they would be able to find land suitable for an apple orchard of their own. In 1979, two of their dreams came true… they had their first child, Frank Jared, who would later be the owner of another orchard, and they purchased the land that would be their very own apple orchard, which you can see today. Frank and Diane planted their first trees the following spring and continued to plant some trees every year until 1989 when about 700 trees were planted.

In the early years of the orchard, not only were all of the apples hand picked (like they are today) they were also hand polished. For several years, the apple cider was made with a hand-cranked press, which can be seen in the store. Jared and his sister, Karma, grew up helping with all parts of the orchard, including selling apples. Prior to the current store, a hayrack was used as a roadside stand, which was often manned by the kids after school. Occasionally someone still comes in and wants to know what ever happened to those tow-headed kids that used to sell them apples.

In 2002, Jared was searching for the perfect home, when another local orchard was put on the market. He decided that this would be the ideal supplement to his full-time job and shortly thereafter he purchased Hazard’s Orchard, which included about 2900 trees.

Today, in order to continue to have a great orchard, trees are replaced annually with young trees, which will produce higher quality fruit with less labor than older trees. A dwarf apple tree’s most fruitful years are over within 20 years. There are now 3 generations of Lapaceks as Jared's wife, Kim, and daughters, Mercedi and Capri are also part of our family business.


Palmer said...

OK, dumb question: How do you pronounce "Lapacek"?

Is it lapa-sek or lapa-chek? Or something completely different?

Diane said...

It's lapasek... first a as in ah, second as in apple. Accent on the pa.

Diane said...

It's lapasek... first a as in ah, second as in apple. Accent on the pa. A good Bohemian name.

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