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Monday, August 3, 2009

Lapacek’s Orchard in the Poynette Press (last year)

We spent the majority of Saturday cleaning and preparing the apple store for the upcoming season. We got an amazing amount done! While there I noticed the editorial from last fall on the wall and thought I’d share it. It came out on October 1st, 2008, just when we were starting to get worn down from apple season. It was just what we needed to boost us up for the next month of craziness!

A Black Sheep

by Amber Tyler

Could any sign of fall’s arrival outshine the sights and sounds of college and professional football on a crisp Wisconsin day? Most definately. Sure the trees have started to change colors, and birds have begun there journey south. I’ve even unpacked my wool sweaters, but it isn’t officially fall until I’ve had my first caramel apple.

It’s not just any caramel apple, it has to be a Lapacek’s Orchard caramel apple. It’s been a tradition for myself and my family for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid we would go to Lapacek’s Orchard and get a caramel apple. I think I had the apple almost done before we even left the orchard they are that good.

I’ve had other caramel apples, even attempted to make some of my won, but they just didn’t taste the same. I don’t know what they do to make them taste so good, maybe they add angel tears into the caramel. They taste so wonderful, the only way I can describe the taste is heaven on a stick. It might have to do with the almost half inch of caramel they put on each apple Or it could be the fresh juicy tartness of the apple. Combined with the sweetness of the caramel. It just melts in your mouth, a perfect combination. I love them simple as that.

When it comes to caramel apples I’m what you call a traditionalist. Just caramel and apple for me no need to dress it up with nuts. To each their own I guess. Everyone in my family likes them with nuts. Don’t even get me started on the gourmet caramel apples. You know the ones with M&Ms, dipped in chocolate not caramel and have cookie chums sprinkled on them. Many places sell the gourmet caramel apples, but you pay gourmet prices that I believe taste as good as the traditional caramel apples.

Last year I was golfing at the golf course at Poynette and on one of the holes I could see the Lapacek’s Orchard. After that that’s all I could think about and my game went down the tubes. I was like a drug addict. I couldn’t wait for my next fix. I needed a caramel apple. So of course; I had to stop in after I was done golfing and get my “usual'” one caramel apple, with no nuts. What could wash the caramel apple down any better, but some apple cider. I seriously think there could be something with my angel tear theory.

Lapacek’s Orchard is a small family owned and operator business. They are located a half a mile mile east of Poynette, on Highway CS and Q.

Amber Tyler is a graphic designer and production artist for the DeForest Times Tribune, Lodi Enterprise, Poynette Press, and the Waunakee Tribune. Now that she’s done writing this column she’s going to treat herself to her second caramel apple of the season.


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