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Friday, June 22, 2012

Kids in the Garden – Week 2 Report

Kids in the Garden - Week 2 MosaicWith the crazy hot weather earlier this week our ‘Kids in the Garden’ group completely lucked out with a gorgeous afternoon for our second week in the gardens.   


We had a fun, education filled day with a little snack thrown into the mix!

Rain Gauge:  0 – inches – the wind had knocked it over… we did get 0.2 inches on Saturday though

Kids in the Garden at Lapacek's Orchard - Week 2 We started the day out by checking out the gardens we had planted in Week 1. I had somehow managed not to kill anything when I was left to water the gardens during the week (I do have to give a shout out to Frank for helping me with that too).   Plants had grown, some seedlings had sprouted, and some weeding need to be done.  Once we finished the initial business we split the kids into two groups.  One group came with me to paint wine bottle garden markers and the other group went with Diane to fill our First Class Worm Farm that Jared built.  Kids in the Garden at Lapacek's Orchard - Week 2Here’s Christian working intently on painting his bottle.   Kids in the Garden at Lapacek's Orchard - Week 2I think if you give kids some paint and anything to paint on – they’re going to be happy.  Next week we’ll take our painted bottles to decorate the garden.   Kids in the Garden at Lapacek's Orchard - Week 2Here’s the second group on it’s way to find some worms.   Kids in the Garden at Lapacek's Orchard - Week 2

Instructions/info for the worm farm:

  1. Fill farm about half full with soil.
  2. Shredded newspaper. Wet it before adding.
  3. Add food scraps
    • no onions, peppers, spicy foods, citrus, dairy, or meat
  4. Scoops of soil with worms in them
  5. Add more moist, shredded paper.
  6. Farm bin has air holes
  7. Keep farm moist and dark

Kids in the Garden at Lapacek's Orchard - Week 2 Once the kids were done painting there bottles and helping fill the worm farm – we did a bit of transplanting.  Our chocolate mint and basil is going crazy so we thought it would be good to transplant some of them.  Kids in the Garden at Lapacek's Orchard - Week 2 Next up – snack time!

Pizza Tortilla Chips

Tortilla Chips

Tomato Sauce

Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Chopped basil and parsley from the herb garden


We had the kids dip a chip into the tomato sauce.  Then we sprinkled it with mozzarella cheese and some freshly chopped herbs.  It was like a mini pizza!


You can also use this to make your own pizza – use a pizza crust or soft taco shell. Cover with the tomato sauce and top with cheese and herbs.  We had this for dinner tonight – I really enjoyed it!

Kids in the Garden at Lapacek's Orchard - Week 2

We ended the day checking out the progress of the sunflowers.  I missed the actual measuring of the plants since I was putting away the snack but some of the kids happily reported that our sunflowers are measuring between 4 and 5 inches.


Another great week for the Kids in the Garden Program.  Diane hasn’t shared with me her plans for next week so I can’t give you a little teaser yet – but I’m sure it will be good!


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