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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

OPERATION Fruits and Vegetables

I spent my morning representing farmers on the ‘Farm To School Advisory Committee’  As I listened to the different groups reporting in to all the work that is being done to not only get our locally grown and produced food into the schools, but also making sure the kids EAT the food I had a realization.  These kids NEED to be exposed to more fruits and vegetables at home – at as young of an age as possible.

We really need to expose our children to fruits and vegetables in the home.  One of the study’s showed that students who already had at least a year of the ‘farm to school’ program under their belt were more likely to take the fruit and/or vegetable and try it than the schools just starting with the program.  This says to me that if we can familiarize our children to fruits and vegetables before they are in the lunch line, afraid to try something they aren’t sure thy like.  And I don’t mean just feeding them the same old broccoli, cauliflower, beans and potatoes.  I mean we need to expose them to all kinds of fruits and vegetables, in all different forms, and cooked differently.  Maybe then when they see it in line they won’t be afraid to try it – heck, they might be excited to try it. 

Yes, it’s winter here in Wisconsin so fresh fruits and veggies are not plentiful.  But, let’s work with what we have.  Let’s find ways to eat more healthfully year round.  I’ll be the first to admit – I’m not an adventurous eater, not a huge fan of fruits and vegetables – but I am trying.  And I plan on continuing to try, to experiment and show my kids that eating fruits and vegetables is just as satisfying as eating sweets.

But I need YOUR help!  Do you have a favorite way to prepare a fruit or vegetable?  A great recipe you want to share with us?  And I’m not necessarily asking how you ‘hide’ these things in your kids food so they don’t know they’re eating it. 

I (and Diane) will be sharing our findings with you in the weeks and months to come and hopefully I’ll be able to share some of your stories as well!  And even if we can get a kid to discover one new fruit or vegetable that they actually like – well, I will consider that a success!


ThePaintedDaisy said...

AWESOME topic! I have lots of great recipes, ideas and thoughts on this topic. My daughter's lunch is often the center of attention at school...not from her classmates, but her TEACHERS! They regularly pass through to see what delicious fruits/veggies Sofia has chosen to bring! Unforunately she hears a lot of "ewwws" and "what's that smelly stuff" from her friends, but at least they see a peer eating real food!

An example is today. Sofia took a dish of raw Asian salad (mung bean sprouts, napa cabbage, shredded carrots, slivered red pepper with a homemade asian dressing that had the basic rice vinegar, veg oil, soy sauce, raw garlic and fresh ginger plus a pinch of stevia) a cup of homemade beef vegetable-barley soup, half a chopped apple and a hershey's kiss!

That's how we eat at home and so that's how my daughter eats. I never gave in to processed food, even when I worked full-time outside the home. I just stuck to simple, whole food recipes and sacrificed a few extra minutes on the weekend to prep for the upcoming week.

I could talk about this all night long :) If you want to talk more Kim, give me a call!

Kay Radewan said...

Kim...you are so awesome! I only wish I had been better about this when my kids were little. But I am trying to make up for lost time and encourage them to eat ANY fruit or veggie!
Of course you know we love to come see you for your wonderful fresh produce but you're right, winter is tough. A great option anytime is Brennan's Market in Madison. Lots of free samples, different kinds of fruit and veggies and they are so helpful when you are trying to figure out how to buy fruits and veggies you are not familiar with. My kids LOVE to go there, they grab a tooth pick (there's something about toothpicks!) and start sampling almost anything they have out! We've been able to skip lunch because of all the sampling! We have found many new things they like this way. I'm willing to pay a little more if the kids like it and will eat it! Take the time to run to Brennan's, I think you'll love it there!

Amy Johnson said...

Great conversation starter. When I take Quinn shopping, I let him pick out a fruit or vege we've never tried before. He's more willing to try it because it's new and funky. Also, if kids are involved in growing veges, even in the slightest bit, they seem more interested in eating them. I would love to help you start a kids gardening program!!

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