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Drop off your plastic bags and canning jars at the orchard and we'll re-use them!

We're always looking for wagons for people to use when they go to our pumpkin patch - feel free to drop off your old or un-used wagons at the orchard!

We're also happy to take any picnic tables you're getting rid of - even if it's just the 'bones' of the table.


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Monday, May 31, 2010

Tractor Tire Playground - Tire 1

Originally uploaded by KimsCraftyApple
One of the newest additions to our new apple orchard location (N1959 Kroncke Road, Poynette, WI) this fall, will be a tractor tire playground. We've been collecting tractor tires from a local tire repair shop to use for play equipment instead of them being hauled to a landfill to just sit there.

The other night I told Jared that I wanted some physical activity that would help me get 'summer arms'. He suggested that I dig in a tire each night - and I have been...and I'm starting to look more like I have "summer arms"...
Friday, May 7, 2010

Apple Blossom Days

061Yes, no matter what the weather is like the orchard will be open at its NEW LOCATION (N1959 Kroncke Road, Poynette, WI) from 9-4 both Saturday and Sunday for Apple Blossom Days. BUT, I do have to admit that with the beautiful weather we had earlier this spring the trees bloomed really early and unfortunately with this wind there aren’t many left on the trees. There is still plenty of fun to be had though – and with this new development with the blossoms the ‘Photo Scavenger Hunt’ I have put together for you will be even more of a challenge!

Alright – so there aren’t many blossoms, but there is a fun scavenger hunt – why else should you take some time to stop out at the orchard?

Well…as you can see in the first picture I posted our emus have been moved over – that’s right! Mac ‘n’ Tosh have joined the goats at our orchard! P5010048We also have some of their beautiful blown out eggs for sale – how many moms are going to be able to go to work on Monday and say, “My kid got me an emu egg for Mother’s Day!!”

P5020002If you don’t think Mom would be excited by an emu egg we have other great Mother’s Day gifts to choose from – like one of Diane’s dyed and painted bird house gourds, a beautiful quilt, a piece of jewerly, a hanging plant, an assortment of canned goods from the orchard, Hedmark’s Maple Syrup, Farm Fresh Honey or MORE!064 Also, our goats, Itsy, Zestar!, and Tree just love visitors!059 When the rain stops on Saturday afternoon bring the kids out to try out our new duck races and to play on our playground equipment! Or if they don’t mind the rain bring them in the morning!


I also have a decent selection of Bubble wands (Dragonfly, Fish, Hand, Heart, Seahorse, and Whale) that kids can have hours of fun with! I’m sure Cedi and Capri will be more than happy to show you how they work.

Hope to see you at the orchard this weekend!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Apple Blossom Days - TODAY and Some Pictures from Yesterday's Fun

I snapped some pictures from yesterday’s Apple Blossom Days and wanted to share them with you. I also just checked out the weather for today and it’s going to be GORGEOUS (at least until the storms tonight). If you have time stop out and check out the blossoms – I can’t guarantee they’ll still be here next week but I can guarantee that they are beautiful today!P5010026 Some of our neighbors stopped by and my girls had a great time showing Charlie and Gabby how to do the duck races…P5010027 And how to feed the goats. And I’m pretty sure many other things. P5010030 We have a decent selection of hanging plants and tomato plants for sale. If you remember from the old location – it pretty much holds true that if it’s not breathing – it’s for sale.P5010037 The shop portion of the store is also set up. Come and check out all the newest quilts, my ‘To Go’ Quilts, and patchwork owls.P5010038 I also have my jewelry all out – if you like what you see at theApple I can promise there’s much more than that at the orchard! P5010040 A new thing we’ll be selling at the store this year is fabric! That’s right – we have a wide selection of commercial printed fat quarters and hand-dyed fabric (that Diane and I dye). A great way to stock up for your stash or to find that one piece you need to finish your latest project. P5010041 The background of this quilt is made from hand-dyes. Many of our quilts are if you want to get some 'ideas'. P5010042I have a decent supply of 2010 Maple Syrup from Hedmark’s. Be sure to stock up some for your summer pancakes and waffles! P5010044 I also have some new pottery from Blue Sky Pottery – including a few of her AMAZING berry bowls! New this year are some handmade pie birds from PieBirdsbySharon. Mary Lou Stronach has some of her beautiful spring toll painted items for sale for these few weekends, too.

apple tags You can also purchase some plant-able apple tags (with wildflower seeds) that were made by GreenPost. They are really neat and would be the perfect little addition to any mother’s day gift!P5010045 Our handmade canned goods and honey are also for sale. One thing you haven’t seen before is Diane’s Seedless Raspberry Spread – it has HALF the sugar that a jam would have! P5010048 AND! Mac N Tosh have been very prolific producing eggs this year. In fact – that’s why they’re not over at our place yet (no worries – they’ definitely be here by fall). Every time my in-laws think they’re done – they have another egg – we don’t want to disturb that. So we have a pile of blown out emu eggs for sale! If nothing else you definitely have to check out their stunning green color and amazing size!

I have also set up a ‘Photo Scavenger Hunt’ for whoever wants to try it out. A few groups did it yesterday and I think they had a fun time with it. If you get pictures of 10 of the 13 items I put on the hunt and post them to the Lapacek’s Orchard Flickr Group you will get a free 1/2 peck of apples (max value of $5). (more instructions on the sheet). It’s a good way for you to figure out our new layout and explore our orchard so be sure to stop in the store when you arrive to pick up your hunt sheet!

Can’t wait to see you at the new place!

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