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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Weekend Forecast–Sept 10th & 11th

Good morning everyone!  I’m going to start a new blogging series for the next few weeks – a weekend forecast!  Now, I will probably mention the weather a little bit but it’s mostly going to be about what apples are here, what’s running low, the one you need to try, etc.  I’ll also mention if there is anything else fun in our area happening that I know about in case you want to make a few stops on your trip up or back from here.


It’s wet and rainy as I put this post together but the forecast looks like it’s going to dry out.  The clouds will stay with us … but so will the cooler weather and I’ll take that!  It’s a perfect day to get apples for baking and cider to sip on!

The different variety of apples on our shelves grew drastically over the last few days!  I’m struggling to find more room for them all!  (a good problem to have!)

Of course you’ve probably heard that the Honeycrisp are here.  These are the only apples we don’t sampl e – they’re that good that you’ll just have to trust us that you’ll like there juicy, crisp flavor.  I guess I would categorize it as a sweet apple but there is just a hint of tartness about it.  The thing about the Honeycrisp is that pretty much everyone likes them … people that like sweet apples like them and people that like tart apples like them … they’re just a really good apple.  We have about half of the crop of honeycrisp we had last year so we should be fine for about two to three weeks.  I wouldn’t recommend waiting until October to get your fix.

We also have our classics the MacIntosh and Cortland apples.  We have quite a few of these this season and they are at their prime right now – crisp and tart!  If you are imagining the Mac’s to be a sweet, softer apple be sure to give the fresh, just-of-the-tree Mac’s a try.  I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Both of these apples are considered staples in a baker’s world.  MacIntosh are going to mush down when backed and Cortland’s are going to hold their shape. Another fun fact about the Cortland is that it doesn’t naturally brown quickly after being cut … this might be a great solution to your child’s lunch!

If Zestar’s!, Paulared, Ginger Gold, or Jonamac are you favorites – come in this weekend!  We just have a few bushels left.  Paulared’s are in their prime for sauce making!!!!

We had a few popular varieties get hit really hard with the frost … just a few bushels of each and that’s before we sort out the visible frost damage.  If you want Cox Orange Pippin, Wolf River, NW Greening or Smokehouse get here ASAP!  They’ll be gone before you know it!

The Silken’s are in and we have a great crop of them this year!  It’s no secret that Silken’s are my favorite apple.  They’re sweet, tender, and delicious.  I don’t feel like the skin is too thick which I really appreciate in an apple.  I don’t like to be still chewing the skin after the juicy, delicious part is already in my belly.  I would classify Sliken’s as a purely sweet apple – there is absolutely no tartness to them!

Want to try something different?  We have the Frostbite apples ready.  We don’t have TONS and TONS of them so I’m guessing if folks read this they’re going to go pretty fast.  Frostbites are definitely a unique apple – they are small and they have an odd flavor, reminiscent of sugar cane.  I would recommend sampling these before you purchase because it’s one of those apples you’ll either love or hate.

Golden Supreme!  These are considered an “Early Golden Delicious” and I would say 90% of folks who have tried them so far this year have purchased a bag.  I would call them a sweet/tart apple airing on the side of sweet.  A great crisp, great flavor, and a gorgeous apple!

Other fan favorites are the arlet (swiss gourment) and crimson crisp.  I would classify arlet in the sweet/tart category airing on the tart side.  I love it’s description – a modern apple for a modern person.  Crimson Crisp are a small, tart apple.  We don’t have TONS of either of these apples but I imagine if you stop in this weekend you’ll be able to get a bag or two.

Some great tart apples we have are the Haralson and Wealthy apples – great for eating and baking!  If you’re a “tart person” these apples are for you!

The Jonathan apples are also in.  We have an “okay” crop of these apples.  I would also classify these as a tart, hard apples.  These are actually great grandma’s favorite! Great for eating and they do make a wonderful applesauce.  If you leave the skins on it makes a beautiful, delicious sauce!

We baked apple cider donuts for hours later into last night so they’ll be ready for you today!  Freshly pressed, unpasteurized, unpreserved apple cider is in our cooler is here waiting for you to take home to enjoy during the Badger Game!  Grab a caramel apple or two to snack on later!  It’s not secret that our caramel apples are HUGE! We actually like to put ours on a plate and cut it up into slices to have the whole family enjoy … a little less messy with the kiddo’s too.  Still hungry?  Just cut up another one!

Other Local Events

I know that when I go places it’s nice to know about other things happening in the area – so that’s what I’m going to tell you about!

Pardeeville Gymnastics Practice Meet – My girls will not be helping at the orchard today as they’ll be up in Pardeeville.  Two will be competing the practice meet and Pip will be helping hold up scores.  This is a great opportunity to not only see what my girls have worked super hard accomplish but also gives you a chance to check out the gym and see what it has to offer for your family. The meet starts at 10:30!

Creekbed Country Farmacy – there’s a fabulous corn maze/pumpkin patch just down the road from us! This weekend is the start of their “preview weekends”.  Open today, September 10th and tomorrow, September 11th from 11am to 5pm with the corn maze and playground only.  They officially open for the season on September 24th.

Rock N Wool Winery – a fantastic winery is open just on the north side of Poynette, about 8 minutes from the orchard.  The owners also happen to be our uncle and cousin.  You won’t be disappointed after visiting this gorgeous winery located inside a renovated sheep barn. The work they’ve done is stunning and the wine they make is delicious!   I texted Shaun (the owner) to see if anything special is happening today and he said, “It’s harvest so the whole place smells like fresh wine.  Live music today and ice cold cider bin.”  Sounds great to me! Open today from noon to 8pm.  Sunday’s 12-5.

Sassy Cow Creamery -  There is a delicious creamery not too farm from us!  It’s SO worth the trip!  Stock up on milk, cheese, and ice cream!  My personal favorites are S’mores and Blueberry Cheesecake!  Although you really can’t go wrong with any of the flavors!  Open 9-7 on Saturday and Sunday 11-6.

The Yahara Riverfest is happening in DeForest from 12-5 today.  I’ve never been able to attend myself but I’ve heard great things.  Also I know that one of the groups will be selling our apple cider donuts as part of their fundraiser!

Badger Game – Kickoff is at 2:30!  Cheer on my alma mater (the Badgers) for me!

Quilt Expo – not really near the orchard but it is the last day for the Quilt Expo down at Alliant Energy Center. Both myself and Diane have quilts hanging in the show.  I also put up a special exhibit at the show – 192 twenty-inch quilts.

And that’s this weekends forecast!  I hope you found it helpful!

If you know of an event or place folks should visit around or near the orchard please email me!  lapaceksorchard@gmail.com


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