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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Week 2 of Kids in the Garden

We had beautiful weather for our second week of Kids in the Garden!  The number of kids attending wasn’t super high but many were busy at ‘Camp Invention’ this week and we managed to have fun either way!


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We started with a quick poll about last week’s snack, scrambled eggs with basil and 6 kids liked them, 2 thought they were okay and just 1 didn’t like them.  I would call that a success. 


Kids in the Garden Week 2

Next – it was time to visit the garden.  We visited our sunflowers first.  This week we measured 3 plants.  One was 2”, another 5” and a third 4”.  They’re growing!

We had to go visit another garden so we could start collection produce for our snack.  First we saw broom corn, sweet corn, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage which are all still growing and not ready for eating.  We were able to pick some yummy kohlrabi’s and fresh lettuce that the kids would get to try in just a bit. 

Then we headed back to the garden by the goats were we checked out the onions and the different pea plants.  The kids counted how many potatoes were growing in the buckets and we have 15 to 16 success stories so far.  Capri was kind enough to pick a few of the radishes growing in her garden for us to try out and the kids picked a few more out of our garden.

Kids in the Garden Week 2

Now it was time for our snack!  we cut up the lettuce, kohlrabi and radishes for the kids to all try.  We like that the kids at the very least try the snack…we never make them eat it all if they don’t like it (we have goats to finish anything off) but it’s great when a child discovers that they do like something they thought they didn’t! 

Kids in the Garden Week 2

Since vegetables aren’t always the tastiest just by themselves we wanted the kids to try out a few ‘dip its’ to add to the flavor of the veggies.  We tried them with peanut butter, ranch and salt. 

The results – 6 kids would have kohlrabi again, 2 would not.  All 8 would have the lettuce again.  4 liked the radishes and 4 did not like the radishes (5 in the not like if you count me…but I did like the kohlrabi!)  In was unanimous that the kids enjoyed all the ‘dip its’ on their veggies.

Kids in the Garden Week 2

It was getting a little warm at this time so the kids either took a break to play or feed the goats the leaves from the veggies we picked for sampling. 

Kids in the Garden Week 2

Once our break was done we checked out the small strawberry patch we have…maybe samples next week…I know my fingers are crossed!  Kids in the Garden Week 2Then we had to go and visit the other fruit trees on our farm that aren’t apples.  Plums (we might be getting 2 plums this year), peaches…also very sparse in the fruit department, cherry – we just planted one tree this year for Capri, and I’m happy to report the pear trees are just loaded!

Kids in the Garden Week 2

Last stop before the day was done was to see what was happening at the pumpkin patch so far.  Not much other than they’re starting to sprout.  it will be fun to watch the patch grow and develop over the next few weeks!


Does this sound like fun?  Bring your child next week Wednesday from 2:00 – 3:30.  Drop in’s are welcome at just $5/kid/day.

Download the Week 2 Worksheet for your child to complete (100% optional) and bring it back next week by clicking HERE.

Thanks to everyone who came out for our second day and for being patient having me as the leader!   I’m happy to say that Diane will be back next week and for the remainder of the summer to head the class. 


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